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Teen / Adolescent Counseling

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Adolescence can be a difficult time for teenagers and they may face many struggles:

  • Behavioral problems or defiance
  • Divorce / separation
  • Pressure to use alcohol / drugs or be sexually active
  • Bullying
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Abuse (such as verbal and/or physical abuse from a boy/girlfriend)
  • Other personal or internal struggles

Because Teens may not be able to handle these pressures, they may cope in an unhealthy or unsafe way

  • Self-injurious behaviors such as cutting
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Using alcohol or drugs
  • Yelling and feeling angry inside
  • Pushing you (parents) away
  • Eating disorder
  • Hanging out with friends who arenít a positive influence
  • Lower grades / less interest in school
  • Changing how they look
  • Other personal, physical, and/or emotional reactions

Counseling can provide a safe place for your teen to open up about the difficulties they are facing. It can be hard if your teen is shutting you out, but you know something is wrong with them. You're not alone; many parents struggle to know what to say or do to help their teen. Even if you are doing a good job as a parent, you may find that your teen doesn't want to open up about everything, and it can help to have a counselor for them to talk to and work through things with. My goal is to help your teen be able to handle the problems they are facing; learn new skills to cope; communicate and interact better with family and peers; improve their self-esteem and confidence; and reduce behavioral problems at home.

Depending on the issue your teen is facing, I like to work with your teen individually so that they can learn to trust me, feel safe, and begin to open up with me about what is troubling them. I also believe in the importance of working with you so that you can be supporting your teen at home as they work on themselves in counseling.

Parents need support too! Whether youíre a one or two parent household, counseling can help you to learn new parenting skills, establish and enforce rules and consequences, and improve the relationship you have with your child.

Please note that I am currently only accepting new clients via telehealth.

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