Kimi Schumacher. Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. Registered Play Therapist.  Marriage & Couples, Teen & Child, Family, Individual

Approach to Therapy

My approach in treating clients depends on the issue the client wants to address in counseling, the age of the client, and the time-frame the client has to address the problem. Because psychotherapy is individualized, I feel it's important for me to meet my clients where they are at in their own healing or exploratory process.

When working with young children, I use both a non-directive and directive play therapy approach. I work with children individually as well as together with their parents/caregivers and family. I also feel it is beneficial to work with parents/caregivers to provide parenting support and education, so that they too have a better understanding of what the child is addressing in therapy and how they can help the child at home.

When working with some teens and adults, I use psychodynamic (Object Relations) and interpersonal therapy approaches. I assist clients in developing awareness of how their past relationships have an impact on their current relationships with others, their emotional well-being, and their mental health. I also assist clients in looking at their current interpersonal relationships, such as how they interact with others and how these relationships affect them. Through this process clients are able to make changes by gaining a deeper insight and knowledge of themselves.

Sometimes I will use a more direct, structured approach, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), particularly when the client has limited time or this is a more beneficial approach for treating the client's issue. CBT focuses on helping people learn ways to change their thinking in order to make changes to their feelings and behaviors. It involves active participation by clients and may involve practicing new learned techniques outside of session.

When providing therapy to a family or to an individual who wants to address issues within the family, I tend to also incorporate a family systems approach. This approach assists clients in understanding their role within their family and how the relationships within the family contribute to the issue. It also helps family members learn to communicate and relate in healthier ways.

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